Bricscad V6 til Linux AutoCad til Linux
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Bricscad V6 til Linux

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Skrevet den March 16th, 2007 af beeboob

Bricscad er kommet i en version 6.0.0020-1 som er et fuldblods Cad program til Linux:Producenten skriver om de nyeste opdateringer:

Bricscad™ V6 for Linux is a clone of the widely used AutoCAD®. It uses DWG as its native format.

Supported configurations:

* Pre 6-0-0016 : Fedora Core 1,2,3 with Gnome and KDE.
* 6-0-0016 : Fedora Core 1,2,3, Mandrake 10.1, Suse 9.3. Fixed problems with KDE window handling.
* 6-0-0018 compatibility with WINE 0.9 and later. Runs on most systems. Delivered as RPM and as tar(for Debian-Ubuntu). Does not work with wine 0.9.18. It is possible to patch this however. has been merged with library, so no longer exists. It is possible to make the application work by creating a symbolic link that points to
* 6-0-0020 compatibility with wine 0.9.18 and later. upgraded compiler to gcc 4.1. Runs on Fedora core 5 and 6. In order to run on older linux distributions libc has to be upgraded (from 5 to 6). Please note that this is a critical upgrade and a failure will break many applications.

Der kan hentes en 30 dages version via deres hjemmeside.

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(man skal nok undersøge om det virker i PCLinuxos først)